Honda CRF/XR MX 50cc - Mini Bike in MX vs ATV Unleashed

Honda CRF/XR MX 50cc. Honda CRF/XR MX 50cc is motorcycle model that be used in MX vs ATV Unleashed. Although it not show as Honda CRF / XR 50 cc, but the livery such as Sano System livery, Fast50s, tech 5 industries, and red baron racing when looks at their web it similar to Honda CRF/XR 50 series.

Real Spec for Honda CRF/XR - MX 50cc:
Engine single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 39.0mm x 41.4mm
Spark Plug NGK CR6HSA '00-03
Transmission Gear box: 5-speed Final Drive: chain Brakes Front: expanding brake (drum brake)
Rear: expanding brake (drum brake)
Front Tire 2.50-10 ‘00-03[1]
Rear Tire 2.50-10 ‘00-03[1]
Wheelbase 35.98 inches (914 mm)
Length 51.38 inches (1305 mm)
Width 22.95 inches (583 mm)
Seat Height 21.65 inches (550 mm)
Weight 103.62 pounds (47.0 Kg) (dry),
Recommended Oil Honda GN4 10W-40
Fuel Capacity 0.79 Gallon (3.00 Liters)

This Honda CRF/XR 50cc bike maybe the slowest in MX vs ATV Unleashed, but it's fun to play.

Honda CRF/XR MX 50cc Available in 4 livery / Colors in MX vs ATV Unleashed:
Sano System livery, Fast50s livery, tech 5 industries, and red baron racing.

There's no replay in MX vs ATV Unleashed games, so only racing mode when recording it. I have uploaded some MX vs ATV Unleashed to my channel here's the list;

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