Citroën 2CV - 1954 - Run Vintage Car in Test Drive Unlimited 2

Citroën 2CV '1954.  The Citroën 2CV is a Brand Cars from Paris. Manufactured by Citroën. This cars is available on Test Drive Unlimited 2. It's slowest cars in TDU2. With Only 18HP, it will impposible to beat any other difference class of cars.

Will Win or Not? :D :D :D

But if you want to enjoy the whole city then this cars in fun to drive. Here's some Picture of Citroën 2CV in Test Drive Unlimited 2 Games.

Looks From Behind:
It feels so classy, of course because this cars was made in 1950 era.

Looks from fronts:
The front lamps or headlamp is circle model. 

It's simple and only speedometer that available on panel. Of course the interior is based Test Drive Unlimited 2 Games.

This cars is available in Gris Bleu and Gris Clair.

Citroën 2CV Test Drive Unlimited 2 | Car Specs:
It show 18HP in Games. Maximum speed is 95kmh, Acceleration level is 4, Speed level is 6, Braking level is 12.

The real Spec for Citroën 2CV - 1954
Displacement 425cc
Engine Citroën flat-twin
Max Power 14 BHP / 18 HP
Top Speed 58mph (98kph) (MAX)
Length 3780mm
Width 1480mm
Height 1600mm
Weight 495 kilograms (1,090 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 41.25 kg (90.9 lb) per horsepower

I also made video for this Citroën 2CV you can see on my Youtube channel or video Below.

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