Gran Turismo Racing Kart Junior - Car in Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 - GranTurismo Racing Kart Junior. From Formula 1 champions to Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans winners, most every one of these drivers likely have one thing in common: they began their motorsport career by driving a racing kart.

Elegantly simplistic in its design, the typical racing kart consists of a rigid steel tube frame chassis, A snug-fitting bucket seat, a solid rear axle, a small Two-stroke gasoline engine and two pedals [for brakes and throttle).

When piloting a racing kart, you'll notice that the driving feel is extremely direct and requires precision inputs. There's no other racing machine out there better suited to honing your basic driving skills.

While the power output of an entry-level kart may only be around 14 HP, its top speed can exceed 100 km/h. What's more, racing karts exhibit extremely sharp handing ai a result of their very low center of gravity and high grip level from their racing slick tires. There is no conventional gearbox like those found in road cars and the suspension is very basic, so the driver needs to use his skill to be fast around a racetrack. The cornering G force of a racing kart can often rival that of a top class formula race car.

The new Gran Turismo Racing Karts were given headlights, and are available in three classes; Junior, 100 and 125. While the Junior and 100 classes make use of air-cooled enginess, the fast 125 class utilizes larger water-cooled engines. There is only a minor engine displacement difference between these three groups, yet the driving dynamics and power output of each type are drastically different. Choose the model that suits you best according to your experience and driving skill.

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