Honda FTR 223 2005 - dirtbike style motorcycles in Tourist Trophy

Honda FTR 223 '2005. Honda FTR 223 is a motorcycle manufactured by Honda Motorcycles. It appears in Tourist Trophy Games Playstation 2. This bike is dirtbike style inspired by Honda FTR 250. This bike is not fast as another bike in Tourist Trophy Games. But if you a fans of dirt bike style then this Honda FTR 223 is for you.
Honda FTR 223 was a street-class single cylinder motorcycle with  a compact body and also light.
The Engine housing a air-cooled 2-valve engine single cylinder SL230. It focused to have maxium torque at regular use range under 5000rpm. Maximum power is about 18HP/7000rpm

How it looks in Tourist Trophy Games.

It's only have one color available : Red White and Blue combination.Pipe chassis with red paint. Spoke wheels, circle head lamp, circle rear view mirror. It looks classic although it was made in 2005.

This Honda FTR 223, is easy to ride in games, because it's slow :D, maximum speed that you can reach is 116-120 km/h.

More Spec about Honda FTR 223.
Displacement 223cc
Engine Air-cooled single-cylinder
Max Power 18 BHP
Max Torque 15.2 lb-ft
Weight 119 kg (260 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 6.61 kg (14.6 lb) per horsepower

I also made video about Honda FTR 223, in time trial mode.

I'm running Honda FTR 223, 2005. In Tsukuba circuit, my best record is 1:18.663, yes it slow, you can beat my record easily.. :D

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