Honda XR 250 2005 Motard - Bike in Tourist Trophy

Honda XR 250 Motard 2005.The Honda XR250R and XR250L are trail and dual sport bikes manufactured by Honda from 1979 to 2004 as part of the Honda XR series. It is equipped with a 4-stroke SOHC 4-valve 249 cc (15.2 cu in) single-cylinder engine.

In 1981, the XR250 was updated with a single rear shock. [4] In 1984, a bicycle equipped with Honda's radial 4-valve combustion chamber (RFVC) was introduced. [Source needed] Dry weight 110 kg (240 lb), [1] and 36 inch seat height (96–04). . Honda said the engine produces 19.6 peak horsepower and 14-15 pound feet of torque. [1] The 1996-2004 version of the XR250R had a 10.6 inch suspension travel and a 41mm front cartridge fork in the front and back. The tire sizes were 80 / 100-21 front and 100 / 100-18 rear. With 13-48 teeth, the maximum rotation speed is about 66 mph at 8000 rpm. The XR250L is a heavier street legal version introduced in 1991 and should not be confused with the old XL250R. Since 1981, the XR250 had a 21-inch front wheel. [4] The 1979 and 1980 versions had 23-inch front wheels (3.00 x 23 tire sizes).

Unlike the CRF230F, which effectively replaced the XR200R as Honda's air-cooled off-road bike, the XR250R has no air-cooled successor, but has been replaced by a water-cooled CRF250X.

Both XR250R and XR250L engines are identical. In the United States, L has a small 3 mm header pipe and another carburetor to meet emissions regulations, but both carburetors have a caliber of 30 mm. The engine has a 4-valve head with a rocker arm that is extended to actuate the valve. Unusual as a single cylinder engine, there is a 2-to-1 header pipe. Throughout production, the R version is kickstart only, with a 6-speed transmission with a chain final drive and a stator ignition. Prior to 1996, the suspension traveled 280 mm (11 inches). XR250R is an enduro model. However, the L version is an electric start (except the US market XR250L. The XR250L has no electric start and has been discontinued since the 1996 model). There are billions of pegs, soft suspension, and low seat height. The change from 1996 to 2004 is the renewal of decals and the mechanical parts are the same. XR250R has been discontinued since 2004. In Australia, XR250Y was released.

Honda XR 250 Motard spec in Tourist Trophy:
Displacement 249cc
Engine Air-cooled single-cylinder
Max Power 27 BHP
Max Torque 18.8 lb-ft
Weight 120 kg (260 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 4.44 kg (9.8 lb) per horsepower

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