Jaguar XJ R9 Race Car ' 1988 - Race Car in Gran Turismo 4

Jaguar XJ R9 Race Car '1988. The Jaguar XJR-9 is a sports prototype-racing car made by Jaguar for FIA Group C and IMSA Camel GTP racing, debuting at Daytona 1988 24 Hours.

In the United States, Castrol-sponsored XJR-9 debuted at 24 Hours of Daytona, with the car taking the overall victory. However, for the rest of the GSA IMSA Camel XJR-9 season could not win again until the last race of the season, which means the team must be satisfied in third place in the constructors' championship. At the 1988 World Sports Prototype Championship, XJR-9, which runs the Silk Cut sponsor, met with even more success. The XJR-9 was able to win six wins, including 24 Hours of Le Mans, where novice racer Paul Taylor made his debut helping in the Le Mans victory, during the eleven race series. Silk Cut Jaguar won the Team Championship and Jaguar racer Martin Brundle won the Drivers title. Jaguar's success at Le Mans marked the first time since 1980 that Porsche had not yet won Le Mans, and the first Le Mans victory for Jaguar since 1957.

For 1989, the XJR-9 re-entered the IMSA Camel GTP and World Sports Prototype Championship. However, the XJR-9 is out of date, and at IMSA it was repeatedly defeated by Nissan, leaving the XJR-9 with only one win this season. This led to Jaguar introducing the XJR-10 in the middle of the season, which met a slightly better success with two wins this season and usually placed higher than the XJR-9 in its path. At the end of the season, Jaguar came in second in the championship.

A similar story happened at the 1989 Prototype World Sports Championships, with Jaguar not winning a single race during the series. Midway through the XJR-11 championship was developed to replace the XJR-9, although both finished the season. This disappointment caused Jaguar to finish fourth in the Team Championship.

Within a few months after Le Mans's 1988 victory at Jaguar, TWR will use the XJR-9 chassis for the development of the R9R prototype which in 1990 has evolved to become an XJR-15 supercar and spacer racer.
In 2010, this car won the Le Mans Legend race.

Car Spec in Gran Turismo 4 Games:
Displacement 6995 cc
Drivetrain Mid-engined; Rear-Wheel Drive
Aspiration NA
Engine 7.0-liter SOHC V12
Max Power 914 BHP
Performance Points 680 PP
Max Torque 575.7 ft-lb
Length 4800 mm
Width 2000 mm
Height 1030 mm
Weight 894 kilograms (1,970 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 1.19 kg (2.6 lb) per horsepower

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