Nike One 2022 - Concept Car in Gran Turismo 4

Nike One 2022. Nike ONE is a vehicle that can be played on Gran Turismo 4 for Sony PlayStation 2. This design was developed by the athletic clothing company Nike and Polyphony Digital to place the "Nike" brand in game products.

In video games, this vehicle resembles a "Sci-Fi" train with a maximum speed of 230 miles per hour (370 km / h) and an eight-gear automatic transmission. However, a top speed of 230 miles per hour can only be reached by drivers at their physical peak (those who exercise between 60 minutes and 120 minutes per day). The fictional timeline of this vehicle will see its origin in 2022 with the invention of a generator that can be used by the Nike Sport Research Lab.

In the Gran Turismo 4 game, no fuel bar is displayed when the player drives a Nike ONE vehicle, and when tested on a track like a test track, he can only reach 258 Km / h on a straight road.

Nike One 2022 Spec:
Drivetrain 4WD[1]
Aspiration Electric
Engine 4 x In Wheel Electric Motors
Max Power 259 HP
Top Speed 160 miles per hour (260 km/h)
Length 3,295 millimetres (129.7 in)
Weight 760 kilograms (1,700 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 2.93 kg (6.5 lb) per horsepower

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