Volkswagen Kübelwagen Typ82 - Military cars in Gran Turismo 5

Volkswagen Kübelwagen Typ82 - 1944. The unfornate history of World War II did Produce some benefits in terms of technology. In America the Jeep was born, and in Germany was the Kübelwagen. Soldiers who were forced to march long distances with heavy equipment before now had a different role, with the appearance of off road vehicles that allowed travel on roadless paths.

The order made to Porsche, was to create a 3 passenger car based on the "Volkswagen" (the people's car) that can drive on rough terrain. The weight had to be less than 550 kg, to enable transport on aircraft and boats.

The official order was given in January of 1939 by the German Army and a prototype was completed within the year. It is said that Dr. Porsche might have already had ideas for an off road vehicle as a part of the people's car concept, which made this quick development possible. The rear engine, rear drive Volkswagen mechanism was simple and light weight with  good tracktion and a body structure that was easy and cheap to mass produce: it encapsulated all the advantages of the Volkswagen.

The air cooled engine obviously had no problems such as coolant leaks and was extremely reliable. With its proven durability, the advantage of the Volkswagen was clear, and its fame grew even after the war. The Kübelwagen was active not only in northern areas such as Poland and Russia, but even down in the African front. (Based on GT 5 VW Kübelwagen Typ82 description)

Specification in Games:
Displacement 985 cc
Drivetrain Rear Engined, rear-wheel drive
Aspiration NA
Engine Volkswagen air-cooled flat-4 engine
Max Power 22 BHP
Performance Points 227 PP
0-60 Mph N/A
Standing Quarter Mile N/A
Top Speed 50 miles per hour (80 km/h)
Length 3740 mm
Width 1600 mm
Height 1650 mm (top up)
1110 mm (collapsible)
Weight 725 kilograms (1,600 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 32.95 kg (72.6 lb) per horsepower

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