Yamaha Grand Majesty 250 - 2005 - Yamaha Matic Bike in Tourist Trophy

Yamaha Grand Majesty 250. The yamaha Grand Majesty 250 2005 is a matic motorbike that produced by Yamaha in Tourist Trophy. This bike is available in Arcade Mode.

Yamaha Grand Majesty 250 Specification based on Tourist Trophy Games:
Displacement 249cc
Engine Liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Max Power 23 BHP
Max Torque 18.1 lb-ft
Weight 194 kg (430 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 8.43 kg (18.6 lb) per horsepower
Color Available : Deep Red Metallic K, Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C, Black Metallic X, Greenish White Cocktail 1

My Videos about Yamaha Grand Majesty 250:
Run Yamaha Majesty 250 in Tsukuba Circuit (Timetrial)

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