GT Racing Kart 100 SPL - Car in Gran Turismo 6

GT Racing Kart 100 SPL. One of the primary learning tools for training race drivers is go-kart. A true competitive go-kart is designed with races in mind only. Therefore, its components are kept as simple as possible. Includes steel pipe frame, exposed engine, steering wheel, bucket seat, and two pedals. There is no complex suspension system (or driving non-shifter cart gear). This gives the driver maximum control of the vehicle cornering control. In narrow corners, the throttle needs to be adjusted to follow the ideal line. All driving inputs are transferred directly to the road. A lot of precision is required to make the most of the driving input. Therefore, go-kart is an ideal tool to hone your basic driving skills.

Go-kart power is as low as 15 HP. That said, some go-karts can be over 62 mph on compact trucks. These machines also have a low center of gravity and turn corners well thanks to the high grip provided by slick tires. In fact, some go-karts can draw as many lateral Gs as top formula race cars. Many professional race drivers use go-kart for training to further enhance their skills. Of course, even during the off-season, it strengthens the neck muscles and maintains driving sharpness.

Go-Kart is the first GT series to appear in the form of a 100 cc air-cooled two-cycle engine. Designed and developed to provide basic driving characteristics that most people can enjoy. Try it and experience the joy you can only get from your own go-kart.
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