Honda CB1300 - Motorcycle in Tourist Trophy

Honda CB1300. The CB1300 is a 1,284 cc (78.4 cu in) Honda motorcycle released in 1998 as a successor to the CB1000. The engine with minor changes came from the Honda X4 released last year. In 2003, the CB1300 received a slightly different engine with no cooling fins.

Since 2005, Honda has offered two versions of the CB1300. Standard unfair model and Super Bordor (CB1300S in Europe) with half fairing.

The CB1300 has never been sold by an authorized dealer in the United States or Canada. Gray market importers brought a small number.

Honda CB1300 Super Four 2005. Motorcycle in Tourist Trophy Gallery:
Super Four Racing Modify:

Super Four Stock: 

Super Bold OR stock:

Super Bold OR Racing Spec:

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Honda CB1300 Super Four 2005 Stock

Honda CB1300 Super Four 2005 Racing Modify version:

Honda CB 1300 Super Bol D'OR 2005 Stock:

Honda CB 1300 Super Bol D'OR 2005 Racing Modify:

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