Honda NSX Type S - Car in Gran Turismo 1

Honda NSX Type S. With the increase in engine displacement in 1997, Japan received only NSX Type S (NSX-S) and NSX Type S-Zero (NSX-S-Zero) and weighed 1,320 kg (2,910 lb) and 1,270 kg ( 2,800 lb))) each. Both come with a titanium shift knob, MOMO steering wheel, BBS lightweight aluminum wheel, Recaro full bucket carbon Kevlar Alcantara / leather seat, mesh design engine cover (such as Type-R), and color roof. Both had suspensions that were stiffer than standard NSX.

S-Zero is a more circuit-oriented version of the standard Type S. The suspension is stiffer with the use of NA1 Type R (1992-1995) suspension, but retains the larger rear sway bar of Type S. Unlike the standard Type S, S-Zero did not offer cruise control, stereo, power door locks, airbags, air conditioning, traction control, power steering, fog lights, and navigation systems. Honda has devised a new lightweight lead-acid battery that halves the thickness of the partition glass between the engine bay and cabin, further reducing weight. The interior manual transmission boot shifter was also changed, replacing the original material from leather to mesh. Many of the silencers have also been removed to reduce weight. Make S-Zero 50 kg (110 lb) lighter than Type S.

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