Mazda Lantis type R 2000 4 door Coupe - Car in Gran Turismo 1

Mazda Lantis type R 2000 4 door Coupe. Mazda Lantis is a series of two cars sold in Japan from 1993 to 1997. In the world, it was also known as 323F, Astina, Allegro hatchback, or Artis hatchback.

Mazda Lantis used Mazda's CB platform. This means a close relationship with the Eunos 500 / Xedos 6 and 1994-1997 Mazda Capella. It was an FF layout car with manual or automatic transmission.

The body variant is what Mazda called the "4-door coupe" and is generally a 5-door hatchback. In Europe, the five-door hatchback was designated as a BA, but in fact it was almost the same as the CB and had little to do with other B platforms.

The five-door was sold as Mazda 323F in Europe, Altis in Chile, Colombia and several other countries in Latin America as Allegro hatchback (HB). This model was written by Ginger (Arnold) Ostre who worked in Porsche before arriving at Mazda.

The Mazda 323F features power steering, an electrically adjustable mirror, central lock, and power window. Another notable feature is the frameless window that resembles the Nissan Precy.

By the time the car was first unveiled in August 1993, it was difficult to maintain Mazda's multi-brand strategy, so both Lantis variants were released to Mazda, Efini, and Eunos dealers. Sales in Japan were sluggish during Lantis production, but the 323F was very popular in Europe and some Latin American countries and was sold in reasonable numbers until the sale ended. JDM Lantis was a popular export to New Zealand.

The rare Type-R version of Mazda Lantis is only sold in Japan and is available in Europe and elsewhere through imports. Type-R features exterior options such as 170ps 2.0L KF-ZE v6 engine, limited slip differential, front lip spoiler, side skirt, floating rear spoiler, and color front indicator.

The name Lantis is created from the Latin phrase “Latin Scurtis”.

The 323F does not have a badge to indicate the installed engine, but the V6 version is the only 323F with five stud hubs, so it is easy to recognize.

Other versions of the 323F, branded as South Africa and possibly Astina, include a badge on the back indicating engine capacity. 1.8l is displayed with a badge, for example 180.

Normal 1.5L and 1.8L injection engines are suitable for LPG installations.

Indonesia's Mazda Astina is often mistakenly called RX-3.

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