Tommy Kaira ZZII 2000 - Car in Gran Turismo 6

Tommy Kaira ZZII 2000. Unfortunately, Tommy Kaila's pure sports car model, ZZ, was discontinued, but the car dream of Keiichi Tomita and Kikuo Umihara did not end there. Tommy Kaira has been working on the ZZII project in parallel with ZZ to create a prototype.

As the name suggests, ZZII is the second generation ZZ, which further develops the ZZ concept of a pure sports car. The idea was to make a sports car ready to race in motor sports right out of the box, so it was also called a pure “racing” sports car. And the exterior design clearly shows the point. The car looks like a race car. Tommy Kaila claims to be working towards a car that can participate in FIA class GT races without any changes.

The chassis consisted of a pair of reinforced aluminum bathtub monocoque and a steel space frame subframe supported by a pushrod double wishbone suspension. It was announced that the mounted body panels are made of FRP in the road-going version of the car and some kind of carbon composite material in the racing version. The plan was to keep the curb weight under 1 ton even for road cars.

The prototype power unit was a Nissan RB26DETT engine, but it was clearly a provisional unit. It seems that Tommy Kaila was actually considering selecting a 2L to 3.5L engine depending on the actual application and race category. In addition to the standard 6-speed manual, the company was also considering providing a sequential version with a race specification. This is certainly one of the cars that we want to revive someday.
(Based on GT6 Description)

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