Volkswagen Beetle - Vagabond - Car in Death Rally 1996

Volkswagen Beetle - Vagabond. Volkswagen Beetle-Officially known by Volkswagen Type 1, informally in German Kafer (meaning "Beetle"), bugs that are part of English-speaking countries, and many other nicknames in other languages There are two-door, rear-5 engine economy cars for the resident of 5 people (later the beetle was limited to 4 people in some countries). Manufactured and sold by German automaker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 to 2003.

The need, concept and functional purpose of the passenger car (Volkswagen in German) were developed by Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler. He has his own new road network (Reichsautobahn). With additional membership fees, members of the National Socialist Party were promised the first production, but the war shifted production to military vehicles instead. Lead engineer Ferdinand Porsche and his team completed the design until 1938. Béla Barényi is said to have invented the original design of this car in 1925. In particular, five years before Porsche claimed that the Mercedes-Benz website completed the first version, including the original technical drawings. The influence of other modern cars like the Tatra V570 on Porsche designs, and the works of Josef Gantz are controversial. [20] The result was the first Volkswagen and one of the first rear engine cars since the Brass era. The 21,529,464 produced Beetle is the longest running and most manufactured car of any single platform ever produced.

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